3 BS Facts about Wedding DJs That Everyone Thinks Are True

Here are 3 BS facts about Professional DJs that everyone thinks are true.

1. Their Job Is EasyAll a wedding DJ needs to do is press play on a CD preloaded with the generic wedding songs like Celebration and the Chicken Dance. That's BS! Being a wedding DJ takes a great deal of skill and is hard work. Being a Wedding DJ takes:An extensive Music knowledge; An understanding of musical theory and fundamentals; A knowledge of Wedding Etiquette and traditions; The ability to read body language and therefore a dance floor; An understanding of basic psychology and Social Dynamics; Technical knowhow; and the skills and talent to put it all together. Here is an example. The Groom just gave a deeply sad speech about his dead father, and the DJ has 10 minutes (3 songs) to change the mood of the room ready for a very romantic first dance. How do you do that?

2. They Only Work On WeekendsWedding DJs only work on weekends they just sit around at the CD store (or on the iTunes store) during the week. That's BS. A quality Wedding DJ will spend the week:Planning and rehearsing for the upcoming weddings; Meeting new clients; Conducting planning meetings; Book keeping and other administrative tasks; Researching new music and trends; Dealing with nervous brides and grooms; Improving their skills; and Maintaining equipment. A high quality DJ will put in at least 5 hours behind the scenes before the wedding day.

3. It Does Not Matter Where the DJ SetupsThe Wedding DJ can setup anywhere; the music will travel to the dance floor. That's BS. To ensure the best outcome for dancing at a wedding the location of the DJ and their equipment is important. It needs to be near the dance floor not on the other side of the room. People want the loudest part of the room to be the dance floor not their table. Chat to the DJ for their professional suggestions.

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